Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Clint's Monday

Yesterday was Horse Therapy for Clint through the Rainier Therapeutic Riding program for veterans in Yelm.  What a fantastic program!  Clint was quite a few lessons behind, as his class had started on the day of his surgery.  I had two hours blocked out yesterday morning for him to catch up on as much as he could with the class.

Clint was not able to start therapy with his huge breed stock appaloosa named Root Beer.  Apparently Root Beer likes to knock people around with his head and neck...not a good thing for Clint just yet!!!  So they started him with their two mini horses, Ben and Jerry!  So adorable.  Here are some pictures of Clint grooming Ben.

Becki showing Clint which brush to use.
Clint securing Ben to the post.
Clint giving Ben a good brushing! They got along great!
Doing great, Clint!
 With book and journal in hand, I was really looking forward to sitting in the main office and having some "me" time (what's that?!), when half an hour later Clint walks in and says he's done.  YEP!  He caught up on his classes within fifteen to twenty minutes.  (He's not ambitious or anything...geez!)  And I was thinking, "well, can you teach him anything else!?  I need a few more minutes!"  Ah well, it worked out fine anyhow.

Later in the afternoon, Clint got to have his sutures removed.  So, I have just one tiny question:  Just how many medical professionals does it take to remove sutures??

They were awesome, really, but we did have FOUR people in there to work on the suture removal!  It was a bit humorous.  I guess the stitches were a little tight and some skin had grown over parts of them.  (Nice.) (Not really.)

The lady wearing the butterflies was our champion and removed them all!  The lady on the right in the blue was a very kind student - it was a fascinating experience for her to see this particular suture removal.

Clint is doing great right now, and his happy to have no more stitches.  We go up to Seattle radiology specialists on Thursday, and we see Neurology-Oncology specialists (through the University of Washington and the Cancer Care Alliance) in Seattle on Monday.  We will have our plan of medical action down next week.  I am looking forward to having a plan.  Sometimes waiting is really hard!

Thank you all for your prayers and support - they mean everything to us!

Much love

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