Thursday, July 17, 2014

Radiology in Seattle

Clint and I met with a radiology specialist in Seattle today.  It SOUNDS like if we choose to go the conventional route of chemo and radiation, we could do it close to home in Olympia rather than going to Seattle for treatment (which would be GREAT).  They talked about the possibility of doing Avastin chemotherapy first to help kill and reduce the remaining tumor, which would minimize the amount of radiation exposure needed to complete treatment.

Ultimately, the radiologist wants to confer with the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance specialists after we meet with them on Monday so they can tailor the best possible treatment for Clint.  What was encouraging was hearing the radiologist tell Clint that his amazing attitude, young age, fitness, and positive response to prior treatment really gives him good cause to hope for prolonging his life.  We take that and add it to the greater hope we have with Jesus working on Clint's healing!

Clint had a whimsical moment outside the medical facility....we found a BIG slide for big kids:

There's a KID in each of us, and Clint isn't afraid to live it up!!!

We'll post about our big appointment in Seattle Monday evening.

Much love,

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