Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pathology report


I just read Clint's pathology report online...wouldn't you know Clint likes to keep things interesting!?  We won't meet with his oncologist until next week for our official report and plan for treatment, but it looks like Clint decided to have all three possibilities in his head.  So, the mass they removed was a mixture of necrosis, oligodendra tumor, and glioblastoma tumor.  Wow.  I am guessing they will want to do Gamma Knife Radiosurgery fairly soon, if that's the course they still want to go (that's what the surgeon recommended).

Clint is still recovering from surgery very smoothly and is up and about a little bit.

So, please be praying with us over all this stuff.  Life is so precious and crazy.  But God is good no matter what, and we choose to trust Him with everything.

Lots of Love

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  1. Our love and prayers coming your way! P. Ralph