Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Surprise Secret Garden!

So, I told Clint that people were coming over today to celebrate my 32nd birthday (which is tomorrow), but we would be hanging out outside to minimize the amount of germs he would be exposed to.  He didn't guess his surprise, even with all the bark, sand, flagstone, and plants being hauled in. was too easy!

But not the work....that wasn't easy.  Boy was it rewarding though, and what a transformation!  We had a dedicated crew show up just after ten, and most stayed until it was finished around six.  A big thank you and shout out to:  Dick, Lasse, Cameron, Michele, Michael, Trudee, Amanda, Shane, and Grandpa!!!!!!!!! (Grandpa kept Clint distracted in the house).

I want to give a special THANK YOU to Uncle Mike and Aunt Linda in Colorado for purchasing our beauty bark!  It really made the garden look great.

Another special THANK YOU to my friend Matt, who beautifully made the wooden posts surrounding the Boulevard (pom-pom) tree!!  They turned out GREAT!

Also, THANK YOU to Jack, our neighbor, who lent us many tools we needed for the job, as well as him taking ALL day Thursday to help haul in beauty bark, stones, sand, and all the flagstone... that was quite a task, and very appreciated!

Enjoy the progression of pictures:



And we have one very happy and thoroughly blessed Clint.  Thank you for making this special Japanese garden for Clint to relax and recover in!!


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  1. What a beautiful place of peace for Clint to relax in! Thank you for posting all these pictures Reini. May the Lord bless everyone who helped with this project, the hard-working crew who gave up their Saturday to create this oasis, and Mike and Linda for buying the beauty bark. This grandma is very thankful to you for blessing our Clint! <3