Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Race Against the Clock

Clint had a major decline this last week, which continually got worse over the weekend.  He couldn't stop vomiting, his mental capacity was entirely diminished, he was unresponsive, and in a high state of confusion.  I took him into urgent care on Saturday, and they ran a CT scan, which showed some swelling in the brain.  I emailed the oncology team at Group Health and asked if they would want to put him back on steroids (they help reduce swelling).  Fortunately, they did put him on the steroids right away, and we saw instant improvement.  He was responsive, present, and even had his sense of humor back for a couple of days.

Today was our appointment at the University of Washington in Seattle, and my good friend and coworker Amanda drove us up there and helped us take some really good notes.  Clint's functioning today was starting to diminish again, and his balance was slightly off.  The news we heard was not what I was expecting.

Upon reviewing recent scans and MRIs, the radiation oncologist determined that Clint was NOT a good candidate for Gamma Knife because his remaining cancer is too big, and recent swelling indicates regrowth and spreading.  His best recommendation was starting proton radiation therapy right away.

The way I understood it, there are two types:  Proton and Photon.  Photon is used in standard radiation (which is what Clint had before), but it damages surrounding tissue.  Proton is a different specialized type that does not damage surrounding tissue, and considering Clint's decline and current mental disabilities, the doctor felt this was the most ideal treatment.  He wants to get to work starting Friday.  PLEASE PRAY GROUP HEALTH APPROVES TREATMENT FOR PROTON THERAPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I do not have the energy for another battle, and I could really use something going right at this time.

We see the oncologist tomorrow to go over this treatment plan, find out if it's approved, and set up an MRI.

Clint's Mom is going to try flying out on Saturday, which I am most grateful for, and I know Clint really needs her right now.

In the meantime, we could use massive prayer.
We could also use some practical help, if anyone has time or energy:

- Taking the dogs for walks once in a while.
- Helping me with keeping on top of weeding and putting down weed barrier to make the yard/garden low maintenance.
- Keeping up on mowing (the grass is dead right now, so it's mostly just mowing down weeds, so it's not needed super often).
- Transforming the cat room/sewing room into a living space for my brother so he can move in with us to help out (we have to move everything out, re-carpet, repaint).
- Grocery/necessity shopping, and maybe some food prep (I have a strict diet for Clint, so contact us first on this please).

So much love to you all, and thank you.


  1. You and Clint are in our prayers. I know God will give you the strength you need. Love you lady

  2. Praying for all of you, Reini. Much love from the Moore's.

  3. Clint was one of my best friends in the military and he helped me through some rough times. I'm so happy he has you and a daughter. He always talked of having a family. Please give him my regards. -Heather Landry