Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Visits and Blessings

During this difficult time, we have had such an outpouring of support and help, which has meant the world to us.  I want to start by saying THANK YOU to each person who has been praying, visited, brought a meal, donated shared leave, donated money, helped with house and yard work, and SO MUCH MORE.  The overwhelming response from all of you has helped keep our spirits up and let us know that we are not walking through this alone...far from it.

I want to share pictures of the visits and wonderful moments we've captured so far (not in any specific order):

Troy and Clint (served together in the Army)
Saturday's work party that blessed us with massive weeding, moss removal, and other yard work (thank you!)
Aunt Amber and Uncle Dan visited and helped with tree planting (thank you!)

Clint and long-time friend Jill

Lindsey (did I spell that right?), Clint with Owl (it was Felicity's) and Jenn (my Ginger)

Lisa and Jeff (adopted family)

Felicity giving Daddy a kiss

Felicity giving Jenn a kiss

Mike, Amanda, and baby Caleb out for a visit and dinner delivery (thank you!)

Cindy, Kevin, and Clint having way too much fun - thank you for all the food!!!

Auntie Laurie visiting with Jianna, Jayden, and Jonessa (love you guys!)

Mickey, Clint, and Kat (you guys rock)

Alisa and Taylor cheating at cards (ok, maybe it was Clint)

Daddy, Felicity, and Grandma

Felicity chilling with Daddy

Felicity telling Daddy he needs to shave

Felicity giggling because she has a secret (most likely)

Clint and Amy - they served in the Army together.

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