Friday, June 13, 2014

April 15, 2011, MRI

Thank you everyone for your prayers, they DO make a difference! Clint’s last round of chemo went like the other times, he was only sick the first day and handled the rest of the week wonderfully. He had his MRI on Monday, which revealed absolutely NO re-growth of the cancer or any growth of the remaining tumor! That is good news, it means the chemo is working. The only thing they could see on the images was a bit of inflammation from the radiation.

So now the plan of action is to continue a few more rounds of chemo (so, the first week of each month) and conduct another MRI two to three months from now. Clint continues to be strong and stays as active as he can.

He did drop ten pounds in the last couple of weeks because his appetite has declined a bit, but thanks to some really supportive coworkers, he will have some good substantial meals this next week to put some meat back on his bones, and I’ll be back to cooking after next week when my crazy work hours go back to a normal schedule (I’m really looking forward to that).

Thank you all for your continuing prayers and support!
Much love,

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