Friday, June 13, 2014

March 8, 2011, Chemo

After a nice break for the last three weeks, Clint started up another round of chemo yesterday. He's on a double dose for five days. Yesterday's dose didn't sit well with Clint; the poor guy was up puking all night, I think he got about 2 hours of sleep this morning. :-( Hopefully he will get better sleep tonight. He was able to keep a small amount of food down today, but food isn't tasting right to him at this time....a temporary effect of the radiation. His vision is still blurred, we're still praying that it recovers soon so he can do some reading and other things that require his vision.

Could you all please be praying for his vision, for him to keep food down the rest of the week, and that he can get much needed rest? As always, we really appreciate everyone's support, it has been a blessing and a great motivation.
Much love

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