Tuesday, June 24, 2014

ICU visit

I went to see Clint after he was transferred to the ICU (they call it the CCU - critical care unit) late yesterday afternoon.  I took Grandpa with me, as Clint had really wanted to see him before the surgery, but wasn't able to (Grandpa was stuck in traffic).  Clint was really sleepy, dozing in and out, but doing great.  Grandpa prayed over Clint, and I left some family pictures for Clint to see when he was more coherent.  Clint was a bit nauseated (can you blame him?), so I fed him some ice chips and let him know that he did great in surgery.  I asked him if the doctor told him anything, and he got a worried look on his poor tired face, and I just said, "Clint, it's all good news."  He looked so relieved and went back to sleep.

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday when talking with the surgeon - he mentioned that oligodendra tumors are notorious for causing seizures, which totally makes sense because Clint started having major seizure activity on May 10th. I am confident the surgeon is correct about the diagnosis.

My precious friend Amanda is going to go with me to visit him later today.  I will get some pictures and post again this evening.

And the news I know you all want to hear....I won at cribbage!  Mwahahaha!

Here's the cribbage board reflecting my win (black pegs)

Auntie Laurie admitting cribbage defeat!
Ok, will be back on here later.


  1. Thank you Reini! So glad Amanda is going with you today. Please give Clint a big hug from us....we love you!

  2. So Reini...we've never posted a comment on a blog...hope this is not confusing.....love you lots! Grandma and Grandpa R