Friday, June 13, 2014

August 15, 2012, MRI Update and NEWS!!

First, and most important, Clint got results from his most recent MRI mid-July, and his scans came back clean again! God is so good. We just thank Him ahead of time for finishing the miracle He started in Clint, and we are so humbled and grateful that He chose to grant a miracle to Clint.
Well, God not only gave Clint a miracle of healing, but He granted us another one. This is the NEWS: Clint is going to be a daddy in January - that's right! We're pregnant! This has been a very healthy pregnancy so far, and everything is going really well. Clint is over the moon and is already a terrific father. He reads to the baby before we go to bed, he talks to and kisses my belly all the time, which is so precious! He even got to feel the baby move for the first time over this last weekend. It was amazing. We have an ultrasound next week and will hopefully learn the gender, which we will share on here.
Just wanted to share good news all around!
This time, really, we will talk to you soon!

Much Love

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