Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Visited Clint today

My dear friend Amanda drove up with me to see Clint today.  He looks great!  I was super surprised when the doctor told me they had considered releasing him today, but it's most likely they will discharge him tomorrow (...yikes, gotta get the house cleaned tonight!!!)

Clint was in good spirits today, he was lucid, able to remember everything and follow conversations normally.  I think he was happy to have company.  He got a chance to chat with his dad in NY for a few minutes on the phone.

Clint had his lovely head wrap removed at 2:00 p.m., and has some nice stitches...I'll have to count them when we get home.  He had 50 last time.

Dr. Lee, his surgeon, came in while we were there and showed us the before/after MRI images.  He was able to remove 70% of the affected areas, but the 30% left in there is right against his speech/motor center, and it would be devastating to risk touching any of those areas (he wouldn't be able to walk or talk).

We won't know our course of treatment until the pathology comes back, but if the remaining mass is just necrosis, Dr. Lee says we will leave it alone (no chemo).  If it IS a tumor, Dr. Lee is hesitant for Clint to start a regimen of chemotherapy and would prefer him to consult with a radiologist about something called Gamma knife radiosurgery (a very targeted and fine-tuned form of radiation...very different from the last kind of radiation he had and is no longer eligible for).  The surgeon is very pleased with how Clint is doing.  So am I!

God is GOOD.  All the time.

Mom, Felicity, and I are going up to see Clint first thing in the morning, and hopefully if they are discharging him tomorrow, they will send him home when we get there.

More updates soon.



  1. Praise the Lord, Reini! This sounds like some real answers to prayer! We'll continue praying for his healing and wisdom for the doctors as they determine his next steps. May God continue blessing your family in very special ways! We love you! Mitch and Mary

  2. Thanks for the good report, Reini! We just prayed for Clint, and trust that you and he will have a safe trip home tomorrow! God bless you three! We love you! Mitch and Mary