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July 18, 2011, Trip to Victoria

Clint and I took our honeymoon in Victoria from July 4 through the 7th, and what a nice break it was! It was a very nice trip, and a really great time. We met the nicest Indian family on the ferry, they had fun teasing Clint about wearing shorts and sandals and his onion allergy, and it was fun passing the time with them.

On the ferry to Canada.
I got us lost as soon as we drove off the ferry...good thing Clint is a great navigator, he redirected me and we finally found our bed & breakfast place at the Humboldt House (a place I HIGHLY recommend if anyone wants to stay in Victoria). We took a nice walk around when we arrived, getting ourselves oriented in the city, and stopped for lunch at a charming restaurant, where we met a lovely couple from Cornwall, England - another memorable experience. We received wonderful massages in our room when we returned to the B&B. One of the selling points for us at the Humboldt House was the wonderful hand-made truffles offered by David, the most hospitable host who runs the place. WOW. I cannot say enough about his truffles....we downed a box of 12 in 2 days!

Our last evening at the Humboldt House.

On day 2, we were served our first gourmet breakfast in our room (it was really nice to wake up to each morning!), and set off for the butterfly gardens (which was amazing!), and then to the Butchart Gardens. The Butchart Gardens were gorgeous, and it was VERY hot that day. We stayed about 2 hours, then went to the royal museum, and finally hiked around Beacon Hill Park....which was actually our favorite place. The countless number of baby ducks, friendly squirrels, peacocks, and blue herons might have had something to do with it.

Clint and me at the Butchart Gardens.

Clint riding a small statue pony because he can!
On day 3, a lovely horse and carriage picked us up at our place (Kate the driver, and Sergeant the horse), and they took us for the most memorable ride through the park for an hour, and dropped us off at the Empress Hotel for High Tea. Yes...Clint put up with an hour of tea party time. (He's such a good sport!) Our host Ray was wonderful, and the chef even made some onion-free tea sandwiches just for Clint. We took the evening to walk for hours, and took a nice stroll on the beach as the sun went down, which was Clint's favorite part.

The romantic carriage ride ::::sigh::::

High Tea - a MUST when visiting Victoria!

Day 4 we came home to some very happy kitties and some very spoiled pups. It was a really great and much-needed vacation, and I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped send us!

Much love,

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