Friday, June 13, 2014

November 23, 2012, Updates

Clint's last MRI was in October, another clean result, praise the Lord! His oncologist was comfortable enough with the stability of his condition to space out his appointments to every six months instead of very four. Clint and I were very pleased to hear that! He continues to do very well.
Clint finally got to take his trip to Israel at the beginning of this month! I'm glad he was able to get some traveling in before the baby arrives - Clint loves traveling. God really had his hand of protection over him - they flew out of JFK and missed Storm Sandy by a few minutes, as well as having flown out ten minutes before flights were being cancelled! Also, he was able to fly back out of Israel before the bombings with Israel, Syria, and Gaza got really bad. Praise the Lord that He cares for Clint and takes the best care of him.
Also, as a lot of you may already know, Clint and I found out in August that we are having a baby girl! We are very excited. Things have been going beautifully, she is VERY active, and responds to her daddy's voice all the time. We're now on the six week countdown to her due date! It's gone by so fast....
We will post when she is born, or if there's any news before that.
Much Love,

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