Friday, June 13, 2014

May 2, 2011, Visit from Sheriff

Clint had a visit from the Lewis County Sheriff, Steve Mansfield, on April 20th. Steve had a nice surprise for Clint, which I had to keep secret for quite a number of weeks (it wasn't easy!)

A little background: Clint applied for a position as a deputy with Lewis County immediately after ending his military service in 2008. Clint made it to the top of their hiring list, but was unable to be hired because of budget issues. Clint worked a short period of time tracking sex offenders for the county, and has maintained a friendship with Steve since.

Steve presented Clint with an ID badge during his visit, which gave him honorary deputy status with their office. Clint was very touched; it was a very special moment.

Thank you Lewis County Sheriff's Office for your support, generous gift for our honeymoon, and for making this time very special for Clint!
Much love,

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