Friday, June 13, 2014

February 17, 2011, Radiation DONE

Another update! Clint finished his chemo and radiation on February 7th (woohoo!), he's VERY glad to be done with it. He's fighting fatigue from the radiation, but is doing great. I think his only complaints right now are the pink circles on his forehead (which are getting darker), his short term memory is still a bit off, and his vision is very blurry (he can't really see anything clearly whether near or far). The vision SHOULD improve after a bit (hopefully). It cracked me up, the radiologist asked Clint if he'd like to keep his radiation mask as a memento, and he was like "NO WAY! BURN IT! THROW IT AWAY!" I kind of wanted to keep it, but it was a bit creepy looking, so maybe it's better not to have it in the house.

So now Clint is enjoying a few weeks break from all treatment (except his antiseizure meds), then he'll start double dose chemo for five days starting on March 7th. After that, same thing...a few weeks break and five more days of chemo. He should have his MRI right around then and we'll find out how this sucker's responded to getting nuked. Of course we know that God is our Healer, and we continue to trust that God is working a miracle in Clint's body even now. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer for this healing miracle.
I want to post a quick THANK YOU to Vic, Marty, Jack, Rachel, and Grandma and Grandpa for helping out with rides for Clint to get to his radiation appointments, your help has been tremendous! Clint really has enjoyed the time he got to spend with you all.

I also want to say a big THANK YOU to the people who have made donations, you have all been very generous and helpful, we want you to know that we appreciate it!

God bless you all.

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