Friday, June 13, 2014

February 4, 2011, Bucket List

Clint finally let me take a picture of him with his head shaved!  (Will get this posted soon!)

He's still doing great so far, but he has been very tired this week and sleeping more. His forehead has a bunch of pink circles from the impression of his mask that he wears into his radiation treatments, but those should fade after a while. His eyes have also been pretty dry and his vision has been a bit blurry. His positive attitude still amazes me every day and helps keep me encouraged as well.

Clint with our furry children and his not-so-furry head! 
February 4, 2011, one more radiation treatment to go!
Clint has been setting some goals to accomplish this year, which I aim to help make happen. He wants to:
1.) Go to Victoria for our long-overdue honeymoon;
2.) Go home to New York to see his family and friends;
3.) Take a road trip to Portland;
4.) Start driving and cooking again;
5.) Go to Mt. Rainier;
6.) Go camping; and
7.) Grow a mullet that would make Rodney (his former boss) proud...and jealous. I love my husband!

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